My Issue With College Sports

Are you ready for another strongly opinionated post? I sure am. Here goes.

I was never a big school sports player. I played volleyball my freshman and sophomore years of high school, but worked my junior and senior years and full time through college, so I didn’t have time for much else. That being said, I have very strong opinions about college sports. Those in Division 1 schools, football in particular. Why? There’s a couple reasons.

First, I think sports scholarships are ridiculous. Sure, you have to have some sort of academic standing to get into a Division 1 school, but a sports scholarship is mainly for someone who is a talented athlete. Most likely someone who is viewing college as a means to an end, a vehicle to get to a professional career. You’re basically taking away a spot from someone who actually wants to go to college to learn and giving it to someone who is probably going to major in something extremely easy just to ensure they can pass their classes and stay on the team.

Second, a lot of college athletes that get drafted (I know, I know, there isn’t a lot of them, but enough to mention) are in their junior or sophomore year. They have the option to stay and finish their degree, but most of them hop out of the college track and go right into playing professionally. So again, they’re using the school as a means to propel themselves into a professional career, rather than taking their education seriously. There are probably 10 other students who would love to take their spot, but because of various circumstances, are passed over in favor of a future star athlete.

If I ever have children, I’m sure they’ll play sports. But they sure as hell aren’t going to coast through school, no matter how good they are. And they’re not going to invest more time in college to sports than to classes. Could the kids I don’t have yet be pro athletes? Perhaps. But not at the expense of their education.

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I'm obsessed with social media, good food, and my dog. I just want to leave a footprint in the world, no matter how small. I hope this blog entertains you, makes you think, or inspires you to try new things. If you have anything to say, don't hesitate to say it. And if there are ever truffle fries on a menu, order them.

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