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I Ran Today!

Well, more accurately, I worked out. But there was some running in there! I’ll reveal how much and how fast in a bit. But first, let’s discuss how I got to this point.

I’ve been saying I need to go to the gym for about the past two years. I usually will go once or twice, get really tired and sore, and give up. But not this time, no sir. I’m playing field hockey with Boston Ski and Sports Club starting April 8th, which is my motivation to get in better shape. I was on a team last fall, but took a tumble 9 minutes in to the first game, and was out of commish for the “season”. But that’s a story for another post.

Anyway, this week I’ve been in a really down mood, but yesterday I woke up and found myself out of my funk. Today I woke up with even more energy, and thought “I think today I’ll really go to the gym.” I’ve had a Planet Fitness tag on my key ring for a few months now, and I decided today was the day I would start using it. However, I needed an extra kick in the pants. Who better to deliver that than my biffle Erin? She works out almost every day, and is running a half marathon in April. And she also is one of the people I’m playing field hockey with. So after a short text message conversation (that went something like this – Me: I want to go to the gym but I have no motivation. Erin: Just put on your clothes and go! Me: But my clothes are in the car. And I haven’t shaved my legs. Erin: No one will be staring at your legs! Stop making excuses!), I put on my super stylish capris and left my house.

Oh hello, Mr. Tag. Nice to finally make your acquaintance.

Oh hello, Mr. Tag. Nice to finally make your acquaintance.

One of my problems with publicly working out is I always feel like people are staring at me. Judging me. Looking at the time I’ve been on my machine and scoffing at how out of breath I am. But I decided this time to just put my music on and go. And I did. And I had a pretty sweet workout. I was on the treadmill for a half hour, during which the running episode occurred. Five minutes at 5.5 mph, which is more than I’ve ever willingly run in my life. I say willingly because I don’t count laps for sports or gym class in my physical fitness category (let’s be honest – I walked most of them). Then it was on to the elliptical, which I was only on for 12 minutes because my toes got numb (does that happen to anyone else?) but managed to get a little over a mile in. To finish, I powered through 30 minutes on the stationary bike.

All in all, not too shabby for my first time at the gym in a few years. I’m thinking that putting this out there, for all eyes (or at least the few who read my blog on the reg – anyone? Anyone?) will give me the motivation to keep going. I can’t fail at this. I feel too proud knowing I’m capable of running even a teeny amount of time without wanting to die. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see what happens!

I Still Think 1990 Was 10 Years Ago.

So, I haven’t written in a while. A long while. Let’s just say I’ve been less than motivated. But I was inspired once again to put fingers to the keyboard, and thought I would give you one of my favorite things: a list.

This post is courtesy of a conversation we were having in my office today, which started off as a casual question of “Do you remember LiteBrite?” and devolved into “How many old toys can we find to ask DO YOU REMEMBER THIS?!” When the conversation started to include some interns (who were born in 1990 and later – you know who you are), it went steadily downhill. None of them know the greatness of 90s toys! And so, guys and gals, I present to you: My favorite toys of the 90s.


LiteBrite was created in the 60s, but definitely still had a lot of traction during my childhood years. Basically it’s a box with a light bulb inside, and a screen on the front with holes in it. It came with opaque black paper and little colored pegs. The black paper had patterns printed on it, and you would punch the pegs through the paper into the holes on the screen, and the pegs would light up. It was a really simple concept, but it kept me busy for hours. Until I used up all the black paper. Then I was done.

I totally remember the clown.

I totally remember the clown.

Skip It

Not to toot my own horn, but I was AWESOME at Skip It. It was another super simple toy, but it was so fun. It’s really hard to describe, so here’s what it looked like:

I told you it was hard to describe.

I told you it was hard to describe.

You put your foot through the loop, and skipped over it . The ball counted how many times it went around, counting your jumps. Again, hard to describe, so here’s a demo:


It’s a good concept, until you realize you can just spin the ball around and pretend you got a really high score. Thanks, best friend. Give me my Skip It back.

Oh, and accidentally hitting your foot with the ball when it was going full speed was the WORST.


View Master

This also originated in the 80s (I think) but it carried over well into the early 90s. Before there were smartphones, there was the ViewMaster. The little discs had pictures on them, like slides, and you pulled the lever down on the side and the disc rotated through the pictures. You just needed to make sure you had a  good light source. And nothing better to do.

I saw lions with this thing.

I saw lions with this thing.

Easy Bake Oven

So in the 90s, a metal box with a light bulb was good enough to be used for cooking. And so it was. I loved using my Easy Bake Oven, just as much as my dad pretended to love eating what I “baked” in it. I’m sure it was all terrible, but he was a good sport. Chocolate cakes, upside down cakes, cookies, you name it. This oven cooked it. Or just burnt the outside and left the inside raw. Either way.




I had a lot more toys (I was an only child, after all), but these ranked in my top favorites. That, and I’m making myself feel really old. So I’ll open the floor to you: what’s your favorite 90s toy, or toy from your childhood?


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