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Boston, You’re My Home.

It’s been an emotionally draining week for everyone from Massachusetts, especially those from Greater Boston. From the bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday, the insane chase and manhunt on Thursday night and Friday, to the capture of one of the Boston Marathon bombers on Friday week, the entire nation has had their eyes on our city.

As we all reflect, remember and try to bring our lives back to normal, I wanted to pull together a list of what I love about my city, and what I’m thankful for. I think after this week, I’ve learned that even the city of champions isn’t immune to tragedy, and we shouldn’t take anything for granted. Ever.

I’m thankful for all the law enforcement that came together to catch the brothers that committed this atrocity.

I’m thankful for and love the way our city pulled together as one, showing terror that it has no place here.

I’m thankful for the first responders who ran towards the chaos, going to the aid of those who couldn’t run away.

I’m thankful for the tremendous support from my personal and professional networks.

I’m thankful that my friends who were in the area all missed the blasts by about 20 minutes, and no one I love and care about was hurt.

I am endlessly grateful for everyone in the entire country who have become honorary Bostonians over the past week, and the outpouring of donations, sympathy, thoughts and payers for those affected by these events.

I may not live in Boston forever, but I will always love that dirty water. Boston, you’re my home.


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