Yoga Is My New Passion

This morning was my 6th yoga class, so you may be thinking it’s a little early to call it my new passion. Well, frankly, “passion” sounds better than “obsession”, so I’m going with that.

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, yoga is the first form of exercise that I actually LOOK FORWARD to doing. For reals. I don’t have to force myself to go, I don’t have to try and make an “if this, then that” type of reward (i.e. if I go to the gym, I can buy myself new headphones). I genuinely enjoy the classes, even though they’re SO HARD, and I feel really great after them. Well, I went to a 9:30am class this morning, so I needed a nap after, but I feel pretty great now.

This pose is called "Big Pile of Nope"

Right now this is a big pile of nope for me. 

It’s also started to push me in the direction of uncovering the spiritual side of the practice. Now, I’m totally not a spiritual person. I went to Catholic school for 12 years, which is mainly the reason why I’m not a practicing Catholic anymore. I just don’t agree with it. To be honest, I think most organized religion is a sham. I believe it makes much more sense for a person to embark on their own spiritual journey and find what is important to THEM, not just go along with what some entity tells them is important. But I digress.

Since my first class, I’ve had a desire to get to a place in my life that I feel the same off the mat as I do when I’m on it – calm, believing I can do things that I normally would be afraid to try, willing to push myself to, and sometimes past, limits that I believe are set for myself. I’d also like to have a better sense of well-being, and the ability to find joy and gratitude in every day events.

Right now, I feel a lot of stress in my life – admittedly from a lot of stupid stuff. I’d like to be able to move past that, and I feel like keeping with the practice of yoga can really help with that. Stay tuned for progress – consider this my post of intention.

Warrior > Worrier

Warrior > Worrier

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