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Don’t go here. Please.

The other day, one of my friends from work told me this awful story. I am relating this story to you so we can band together and boycott this place.

The offender: Fibber McGee’s in Beverly

The offense: So Work Friend went to Fibber’s on a Monday night, when they run a promotion where if you can prove you work in the food and beverage industry, you get half off your food for the night. Work Friend clearly works in the food and beverage industry, and brought said proof with her. She had a good time with her friends, even though her bill was messed up twice by their waitress. They even left her a $15 tip on a $40 bill, which is awfully decent if you ask me.

The next day, one of our bosses received an email saying that work friend did not tip their waitress, and even questioned whether or not she worked in food and beverage. She then said that it was a bad representation of us and our workplace. Work Friend had to explain to our boss what happened, and even though he didn’t think it was a big deal, she felt compelled to send an email explaining that there must have been confusion in the splitting of the bill or something and they would never not take care of a waitress, seeing as she also had been a waitress herself. Of course, she got a nice-as-pie email back from this person, who clearly assumed work friend would not have seen the first one, who apologized and said she hoped they could move past it.


Clearly, mistakes are made. Not a big deal. I think it was more than a little out of line to send an email like that, especially when you could most likely find an explanation if you really had listened to the story. Don’t just jump to conclusions and assume things. Too late now, you’re losing business.

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