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WTF Comcast?

I’ve lived in my apartment for just about 6 months now, which means the most recent cable bill I received has gone up – no more discount rate for me. Now, this is probably my fault, but I didn’t realize it was going to be over $100. Also, I have the package that’s just a step above basic cable – so I pretty much have no channels or DVR.

My next logical step is to say, let’s get rid of cable. I don’t really watch any shows religiously (except for Animation Domination on Sunday nights on Fox), and huluPlus lets you watch shows right away anyway. Plus, isn’t it THE thing right now to get rid of cable? So, I did a little looking around.

My main problem is that I watch sports. And by watch sports I mean I watch Bruins games religiously. Except when they’re on late because I go to bed at 9. But that’s beside the point. Bruins games are on NESN or NESN+, or when the hockey gods decide they hate us, NBC or NBCSports. If I get rid of cable, or even downgrade to the next lowest package, I lose all those channels. So cutting the cord completely doesn’t work.

Then I found the Roku box. It seems really great in theory. You pay once for the box, have Netflix and huluPlus, and have access to other channels. They do say that the other channels may charge a fee, but don’t SAY what that fee is. Honestly, I just want the History Channel, TLC and Animal Planet (for Ancient Aliens, The Little Couple and Too Cute).

Definitely aliens.

Definitely aliens.

As far as sports goes, it shows that you can get the NHL Network. Cool, right? Sure, if I moved across the country. You can only get out-of-market games. It was pointed out to me that you could do some sort of technical thingy to make the router think you’re somewhere else which would let you get the games, but that’s just too much. Even if I had someone else set it up, if it ever broke I wouldn’t be able to fix it. Le sigh.

So right now I’m just frustrated at how expensive cable is, upset that I can’t get rid of it (well, I COULD, but going to bars to watch sports games all the time gets expensive), and generally perturbed that my cable bill is more expensive than my electric bill and renter’s insurance combined.

Who’s idea was this, anyway?

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