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Color Me Rad: My First 5k

I did it! Well, sort of. A few weeks ago I completed my first 5k. I don’t want to say I RAN it, because I only ran about half of it. But I can still say I completed it! That’s almost as cool, right?

Either way, the 5k I ran was definitely cool. It was Color Me Rad, which basically is exactly as it sounds. At each kilometer, you get showered with dyed cornstarch, so by the end you’re one giant rainbow. It had a reasonably priced entry fee ($35), and the race bib came with a tshirt, sunglasses, ¬†and a “color bomb” that you could throw at the finish line. They also played upbeat music along the route (which was flat and super easy) and had two water stations. Had I trained better, I would have been able to run the whole thing. But that’s what the next one is for!

I just wanted to share my success with the internets since I’ve been going on and on about how I want to stick with this. And share the rad pictures! Yes, there is a mustache on my shirt.

Woo! Purple!

Woo! Purple!

Woo! Finish line!

Woo! Finish line!

My running buddy: Matt!

My running buddy: Matt!

May be the best picture in the history of pictures.

May be the best picture in the history of pictures.

Realigning My Goals…Again.

Every Wednesday at my office we have a “Team Lunch”, where we all sit together in one big room (where most of us work – the bullpen) and discuss a topic of interest. Today, we went around to everyone and finished this sentence “By the end of the summer, I will ____________.” Everyone had varying degrees of ambition, and some people aim to do multiple things. Some were work related, some were not.

My goal for the end of the summer is to move out of my parents house and get an apartment with The Boyfriend. This goal is kind of resting on a lot of variables though, and right now a lot of unknowns. It’s kind of on the back-burner for the near future. Am I planning on moving out by the end of the summer? Hell yes. Will it definitely happen? I’m not entirely sure.

This got me thinking – I’ve stopped doing a lot of stuff I was enjoying, mostly because I’m letting work (and stress) get in the way. And it’s affecting me physically: I’m eating awful, I feel gross, and I’m sure I don’t look too hot either. All because I’m letting stress get the best of me. Well, today I decided that’s a big pile of bull.

How I feel most of the time lately.

I wanted to make a list of things that I can 100% do, and make them more near-term goals, otherwise I’ll procrastinate. So, here’s my list of stuff I will do by the end of this month:

1. Get back into my routine of going to the gym (or just running) at least 3 times a week.

I stopped doing this partly because I started working late every night, and partly because I just got lazy. As I said already, I’m a procrastinator. And I hate GOING to the gym, even though I know I’ll feel great while I’m working out, and that I’ll love the sense of accomplishment I’ll have when I’m done. I think I can stand to leave work a little earlier two or three days a week to hit the gym at a decent hour, and work late on my off days. Oh, and there’s the matter of my 5k next month. So. That.

2. Stop buying lunch every day (which means eat healthier)

So, part of the reason I was buying my lunch every day was because my parents were away, and I just didn’t have time for grocery shopping. Now I have a dad at home who cooks every day, so I’ll take advantage for the time being. When I move out, I’ll just have to start planning meals and grocery shop for reals.

3. Make a budget. And actually stick to it. No really this time.

I’ve made budgets before, and I’ve been okay at following them. But if I’m going to be moving out, I need to make sure I can manage my money and be able to pay rent every month. I was using one before when I *thought* we were moving on June 1st, but since that hasn’t happened I’ve been all LOL EFF YOU WALLET. So cutting down on spending is key right now.

So that’s my list of the top three things I want to do by the end of the month. Think I can handle it? I’m sure as hell going to give it my best try. Oh, don’t worry – there will be another post letting you all know if I stuck to this. Because I’m sure you’ll be on the edge of your seat until then.

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